Monday, May 22, 2017

Here are the editors color-favorites

We believe these colors! They will definitely get to dress your home. The palette is soft, light and creamy - with a glimpse of sunny yellow and plum.

The season's color trends are a step in a more courageous direction - without becoming too heatedly or dominant. For several years the home's walls were white and different variations on the theme of white, but now there is a new palette in the field who can work great with the very bright and Scandinavian. 

Is why we can reassure everyone who still remembers the 90s sienna, cobalt blue, and oxblood colored space - the entire space, which even was painted with a sponge. Very rarely successful in the Nordic home. But it does not return, something else is coming, and there is much more shaded and in keeping with the decor style. 
We see some dusty, pleasant tones gain ground, e.g., colors like Cotton Candy, Blue Macaron, Distant Sunlight and My retreat from companies Flügger and Sadolin. 

Below is an example of how to use Cozy Cover from Flügger the bathroom.

It should be brave to combine pink and yellow, but in the bedroom is nuances including almost a natural extension of the residence. And I live here even a man ...

The three photos below show Sadolin autumn colors a broad scale - from 'Fudge' and 'Blueberry Crush' to 'Pear Green' and 'Cotton Candy.' Work is very contrasted, for example, to paint door seals in one color and the walls in the second. That way you both have totally saturated and bright colors in the room. 

Bloomingville (below) has complete control over the colors, and it specifically in their spring collections, where the dusty green and blue shades were prominent. 

Plum is one of the season's biggest hit. Here on a single wall that makes decorative objects and other walls to come out sharply. 

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