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Smell bad smell in refrigerator

Many different foods are kept in the refrigerator. Some of them smell particularly intensely, even when they are wrapped in bags or paper. Quickly it can happen, and other dishes take on the unpleasant smell. Then the strawberry tastes to Harzer cheese or the chocolate sauce after fish. Many people - from the housewife to the student - are therefore looking for tips and tricks on how to remove penetrating odors from the refrigerator.

What to do if it stinks in the fridge?

To remove the odor from the refrigerator, you must first know where it comes from. Afterward, it is necessary to mop up and thoroughly clean!

Where do the refrigerator odors come from?

Especially intensively tasting cheese (also referred to as "Stinkk√§se"), fish and meat develop an unpleasant odor even after a short dwell time in the refrigerator, which immediately counteracts as soon as one opens the door. But it is not just food with a strong natural flavor that is responsible for the fact that it is mulching in the fridge. The few drops of milk or oil, which have been dripped from the bottle next to it, also leave their traces and begin to smell after a short time. Also, old and rotten foods are considered one of the main causes of bad odor. The moldy carrot, the open fresh cheese cup with the green fur on the surface or the forgotten mushroom paste,

Remove refrigerator odors

But how can you remove the refrigerator odors? Here are a few tips:

Refrigerate the refrigerator thoroughly

Not only to remove the odor from the refrigerator, but also for hygiene sake, it should be thoroughly cleansed at least once a month. Gradually go through all the food and check the expiration date. All spoiled food and food should be discarded immediately. Also called "refrigerator-like," such as the dried tube mustard, the actually empty ketchup bottle or the very special raspberry honey from Tante Frieda, which was rated as disgusting by everyone in the family.

Basic cleaning with water and dishwashing detergent

Unpleasant smells can not be caused by tainted or open food. Bottled liquids from bottles also leave their edges in the compartments of the refrigerator. You just have to imagine some spilled milk - after a few days develops a penetrant sour smell. After you have cleared the refrigerator, a cleaning operation with hot water and a little washing-up liquid is announced. Wipe all compartments thoroughly and remember the door seals during cleaning. This way, you get the substances, which lie somewhere in the refrigerator or stick and are therefore responsible for bad odors. Then wipe with a dash of vinegar in the water, because vinegar neutralizes odors.

Use domestic appliances to fight bad odors in the refrigerator

They have thoroughly cleansed the fridge and cleaned well - and yet there is still such an ugly smell in the air. To remove it, you do not necessarily need a special detergent or a refrigerator-do. This problem can also be solved with simple home appliances without, however, polluting the environment with chemical substances. To make sure you do not muffle, try the following tips:
  • Place a bowl of soda (available in drugstores or larger supermarkets) open in the refrigerator
  • Alternatively, ground coffee powder or the juice of half a lemon can be adjusted
  • Cut an apple into thin slices and place on a small plate in the refrigerator
  • A similar effect is obtained by slicing raw potato slices
  • Vinegar has a neutralizing effect - a small dish can dispel unpleasant odors
Most housewives swear by the use of natron since this has no odor and odors reliably neutralizes. Although the other home remedies can cover odors, not everyone likes a coffee or apple scented refrigerator.

So that it does not muffle

You can do a lot to avoid unpleasant odors as much as possible. Be particularly careful not to place food in the refrigerator. Startled cheese or sausage packs, open yogurt or cream cups, the smoked trout or the remains of the potato soup from the previous day: everything should be placed in well-closable cans. Check regularly the vegetable compartment and look for wilted lettuce and rotten carrots. If you also clean the fridge at least once a month and throw away decayed food, the best prerequisites for a hygienically pure cooling zone, which also does not overly "fragrant."
Poor odors in the refrigerator do not have to be. With a little circumspection and the methods listed here, this problem is easy to handle. 

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