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How do I clean my fridge?

Here is some yogurt wrapped, there sticking remains of the self-cooked tomato sauce. Above all, there is a penetrating smell of resin cheese and smoked fish. The talk is about the interior life of the refrigerator, which regularly cries for cleaning. In addition to the washing-up rag and the rinse brush, this place is particularly susceptible to germs and bacteria in the kitchen. Since every day we consume food from the refrigerator, it is particularly important to pay attention to good hygiene, as otherwise there is a risk of health damage in the worst case.

How often should the refrigerator be cleaned?

Many housewives moan when they hear the word "refrigerator cleaning." But it is not so bad, and with a little routine, you bring fresh freshness to your fridge within a quarter of an hour.
This should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a month - preferably, make a short note on your calendar, so you do not forget this work. In addition to this firm cleaning rhythm, you should always use cloths and dishwashers, if you are obviously hungry for food on the storage compartments. Always remove old and moldy food immediately so that they do not spread an unpleasant smell on the one hand and do not become a germ-thrower on the other. If your refrigerator contains an ice compartment, it should be defrosted about twice a year, unless you already have a modern device with automatic defrost function.

Clean the refrigerator

For the refrigerator to clean even really fast one should go step by step. We have put together a small guide:

Step 1: Clean the food

Before cleaning the refrigerator, remove it completely. You can make the job much easier if you do this cleaning operation before the big weekly purchase. All expired products belong immediately to the rubbish, as well as food, which is still durable, however forever no longer touched. During the cleaning period, you can store the food in a cool box or in a cool place (for example in the cellar). If you have a refrigerator-freezer combination, the cold chain of the frozen products must not be interrupted. You may be able to temporarily store these foods with a good neighbor.

Step 2: Remove trays and drawers

If the refrigerator is empty, remove all the shelves and drawers. Also, the glass plate above the vegetable compartment as well as the inserts in the door should be removed. Clean all these parts in the dishwasher or sink. Very warm water and some dishwashing are usually sufficient to clean the shelves. Stubborn encrustations should be soaked or carefully removed with a scraper. Then dry all parts thoroughly.

Step 3: Cleaning

The inner walls of the refrigerator must also be cleaned regularly. This is best possible with hot water into which some vinegar give. Vinegar neutralizes wonderfully unpleasant smells so that nothing remembers the fridge-stored trout or the sour milk. If you want, you can of course also use a special refrigerator cleaner, which is available in drugstores. Always inspect the small water drain hole at the bottom of the back wall for cleaning. This can clog in which foreign bodies, such as, for example, label parts, are floated. With the aid of a cotton swab, you can easily clean this part of the refrigerator. In general, use a soft cloth for interior cleaning and do not use cleaning sponges, which can bring scratches into the plastic parts. After you have dampened the refrigerator, leave it to dry with the door open.
What can be used to clean the refrigerator?
  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • dish soap
  • lemon juice
  • soda solution

Step 4: Allow

After your cooler shines in new brilliance, you can now fill it with food again. Make sure that you allow them to be optimally stored in temperature. Quickly perishable products (meat, sausage, fish, vegetables) belong to the lower part of the refrigerator, where the temperature is the lowest. Dairy products and delicatessen, on the other hand, can be found above or in the storage compartments of the Innentür. Fill tips for the fridge
You see: a refrigerator cleaning is really not difficult. And if you also pay attention to the cleanliness of the appliance and the cleanliness of the appliance, cleaning it is quicker. 

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