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Why a dark floor is as good a living ?

Deciding what type of flooring for a color and you in your living room would have, can be a difficult decision. There are so many beautiful floors to find it would all look great in your living room. But why would you decorate a room with a dark floor?

The effect of the living room furnishing with dark floor

A dark floor displays, first, contrast. Contrast with walls and furniture making you will entirely different experience your living room. Dark floors combine well with light colored furniture. This allows you form a contrast but note that this contrast is not too large. A black floor with stark white furniture can seem very cold and "hard". A dark floor also makes the room feel larger. Combine dark floor with dark walls, not because it makes the room only smaller.

When we talk about flooring then we must think of what we want to do with the baseboards. A plinth in the same color as the floor will ensure that the floor space seems even greater. You decide the baseboards in the color of the walls to paint over the floor space will be slightly smaller eyes.

Type dark floor

dark parquet floor

There are many different types of dark floors. The most popular and easiest type of flooring is a wooden parquet floor. This is easy to maintain, durable and brings a warm atmosphere in the living room.
living room decorating dark floor

dark living room floor

dark tiles

Another easy option is sustainable and dark tiles. Tiles are becoming increasingly placed in the living area but in winter it can feel cold and make the atmosphere a little killer. To avoid this you can rugs lay in the living room make the space cozier.

living room decorating dark tiles

living room decorating dark floor

dark carpeting

Flooring is increasingly used in living rooms. Especially since it is still less durable and therefore faster dirty. The advantage of flooring is that it feels soft and comfortable. This enhances a warm and intimate atmosphere in the living room.
dark living room floor

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