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Solid Wood Furniture

Many people ask what wood finish for their solid wood furniture is best suited. We would like to inform you about the different possibilities of solid wood furniture for your situation.

Untreated wood is beautiful but not practical. Moisture and dirt in the pores pull the wood, causing stains. Wood should be treated with care. Sharp, hot or humid objects may damage the timber surface. Spilled liquids should be instantly removed to avoid staining. The use of 'aggressive' cleaning agents and certainly abrasives is not recommended. Many stains can be prevented by using coasters. Remove the stain timely way and thus shortens the reaction time of the stain. If you want to keep your long beautiful fine furniture, or wood protection is required. You can choose from oil, soap, wax, lacquer or stain.
Leaching from wood is a special treatment that provides lasting protection against fading caused by sunlight. Lye gives no protection against dirt and moisture but is only meant to influence the color of the wood. After treatment with lye, timber should always be followed treatment with oil, soap, wax, lacquer or stain.
There is not any finish that is most beautiful and best for your solid wood furniture. It all depends on your personal preferences.


Lak is the oldest form of wood protection. A hard protective layer is applied to the solid wood. Lak is today in many variants (matt lacquer, satin, high gloss) and available in all colors.
Paint is somewhat prone to scratching, especially with a high gloss that is the case. Hard coatings have this less than the cheaper varieties.
A major advantage of lacquer is that unevenness or less beautiful places are covered. Very smooth surfaces are therefore possible and give a modern look.


solid wood furnitureThe stain is unlike oil a hard protective layer on your solid wood furniture. All the dirt and moisture will be stopped by the stain. Naturally, stain damaged by scratches, then it loses its protective effect for solid wood furniture. Heavily used tables can, therefore, light sanding and then again with a new stain, your table will look like new again!
solid wood furnitureThe stain is available in various colors. So you can give a cherry color oak table. Leolux example, red, blue and purple pigmented stains added to the already large assortment. The effects are surprising and give your interior a distinctive and colorful accent. 
The stain has the great advantage over lacquer, in that the natural grain of the wood will be visible. Wood, therefore, retains its natural appearance.
A stained table can be easily sanded and then completely bare wood can be put back in any finish. It is possible to put a table pickled in oil or soap.


solid wood furnitureOil makes its matt finish your solid wood furniture are completely themselves. Oil makes no layer on the timber so that the feeling is still very natural. The oil soaks into the wood and fills the pores. Moisture and dirt to the oil repellency do not go into the wood. You spill coffee or wine, you should remove it immediately after your table is back in good condition. Rub twice a year your solid wood furniture with a soft cloth soaked in oil. Forget about taking the underside of the tabletop and table legs not. The bottom dries out and therefore need protection. Both upper and wonder at of the leaf oil and the wood sheet remains stable. 
We advise you not pour the oil directly on your solid wood furniture because there is too much oil in one place. It is advisable to create a new layer of oil at night before going to apply so it can withdraw the oil overnight. The next morning, you can rub the solid wood furniture with a clean, dry cloth. 

Aurelio houten leg
A table in the oil can be easily sanded with fine sandpaper or steel wool and then be put back into the oil. This is the method to fix the minor damage and larger spots. Use a fine (220 grit) abrasive paper and abrasive gently in the length of the wood direction.
Once put into the oil, then the table can not have more of a stain. The stain does not adhere properly to the wood.




solid wood furnitureNot a common method to protect your furniture is solid wood soap. Soap is known for its cleansing effect, and it also does wood. The thin liquid soap soaks into the pores of the wood, and, if its protective effect.
By soap is usually added to a pigment. A modern color today whitewash applied much oak. The natural color of the light oak, with which you can give your home a modern and airy feel.
A soaped table has a very natural and unique look and is regularly maintained with the same soap.

Wash and wax

Nowadays, not used much anymore (scrub) was. The wax is usually a combination of beeswax, supplemented with vegetable and artificial substances nowadays. By applying a layer of liquid or paste wax to protect your furniture and solid wood remains in optimum condition. The pores of the wood are filled and satisfied. The wood gets high protection because wax nourishes the wood and thus prevents dehydration but also protects against humidity.
Was allows the natural grain of the wood intact. You had to choose neutral or toned. Was giving some shine to your wooden table. Was is something nostalgic. The smell of just waxed tables reminiscent of the past.
Solid was necessary for domestic use to be applied only 1-2 times per year. The liquid was 4-5 times per year. Interim you can rub the wax again to pick up the shine. If the gloss will not return during the rubbing, should a new layer was to be provided.

Natural wood

Despite treatment can change the color of your solid wood furniture in direct sunlight or artificial light. Many wood color darker in the first period. Under the influence of UV light discolor your solid wood furniture. This can sometimes within 24 hours, for example in cherry wood and Jatoba. Teak is an exception. This is just lighter. We advise you to direct sunlight to prevent your solid wood furniture. That includes your leather or fabric sofa. Jason Shutters and Luxaflex excellent solar products.
We recommend that the first few weeks to let your bare table, still wait with placing objects on the tabletop or wall units. Should nevertheless unexpectedly arose a bright spot, the place in time I'll tan again, but this can sometimes take a long time. 
solid wood furnitureSolid wood furniture has an open structure and is therefore sensitive to differences in temperature and humidity. It can always work something out. Especially in winter when many fired in the house, the humidity may be too dry for your solid wood furniture. To prevent shrinkage of the wood as much as possible, we recommend a healthy living environment, around 20 degrees Celsius ambient temperature and 55% - 65% relative humidity. If it is too dry, small cracks in your solid wood furniture, which also go close again as the humidity rises. We would like to alert you to new fireplaces Interstar. These not-to-really-be-distinguished fireplaces atomize water which increases the humidity in your living room.

Smits Design Center

solid wood furnitureAt the Smits Design Center, you will find a large assortment of solid wood furniture with all kinds of woods and finishes. Solid wood tables Riva 1920, Bert Plantagie, Harvick, Interstar, Leolux and Rolf Benz, are available in all sizes and leg structures.
Besides dining tables, we show dining chairs, cabinets, coffee tables, side tables and hard floors massive wood.
In oak and walnut are different qualities available. The length and width of the wooden parts may vary, as also some knots. Solid wood furniture with many branches has a very natural and rugged look. Tables geselcteerd wood with fewer knots fit nicely in a sleek modern interior.
We would like to show you the differences in solid wood furniture and help you choose one that suits you.

source :  http://www.smitsdesigncenter.nl/advies/massief-houten-meubels/

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