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9 most common interior misses you want to avoid

9 most common interior misses you want to avoid 

Here we do not think the choice of furniture and colors, but the big picture, that furnishing and lighting. Small tips and tricks how to optimize your already beautiful 
We all have our personal interior style and taste, and so it should be. With interiors miss we do not mean the choice of sofa, color or style, but may include the sofa or blind placement could be optimized. We give here about that little exta that can lift your home to new heights!

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Interior misses you want to avoid is ...
1. To furnish the

The line between a well-balanced furnishing and where the furniture that allows it to tip over and become too much can sometimes be subtle. An over-furnished rooms feel cramped and consumes energy. Strive to create as much space and air in the furniture that is easy to move. Sometimes it can help to redecorate.

2. Using furniture that does not fit

Have you any place you do not really feel comfortable in? Is it perhaps some furniture and rub and did not really fit in, move it to another room. Also note how the furniture fits purely in terms of size - a large room requires maffigare plays, while a smaller room feel better in less furniture.

3. överdekorera

"Less is more" can in many cases be viable even in the interior. Or at least the pursuit of a good balance between all the beautiful things you want to surround themselves with. Take a turn in your room and think: 
- Which of my things are important to me? 
- Which of my things are important to me? 
- What can I do without?
Stow away and used seasonally, some things may even be sold. Take a few laps to until you feel completely ready.
4. To ignore the lights
The lighting in a room is everything, both the mood and feeling. You can have a room decorated to perfection, but you may ignore the importance of lighting can all fall flat. All rooms have three types of lighting, and all are equally important to the big picture: General lighting, task lighting, and mood lighting. Beautiful lights are also decorative.
5. To not see the color choices as a whole
Are you facing the fun task of decorating from scratch, you have a completely empty and unfurnished room in front of you. Think of the color scheme. There are two ways to approach the task. Either you have chosen wall paint / wallpaper but no furniture and textiles. Or vice versa, you have a favorite piece of furniture, curtains or carpet in a particular color. Taking as its starting point the color of your choice and let the rest of the room to follow the same shades, or switch to something exciting way. The idea is that color should not be spread too thin too much, but keeping up the home and interior.
6. like to have everything at once

Do not buy too much, and certainly not all at once. Your interior feel good to mature until - you're too fast for your purchases, the risk is high that you will change your mind, which is more expensive in the long run. Think about what you really want and then save up for it.
7. To buy everything from the same place

Not to think about one turn when the curtains will be up is a common mistake. It's easy to do as they have always done. To create space and let in light, strive to put your curtains so high up in the ceiling as possible.
9. To furnish the walls

To furnish creatively and avoid walls works of course not in all rooms. But it might be worth a try! Lined Up against väggana there is often a large, empty floors above and which are not really used. Instead look in front of you small cozy islands of the furniture groups, a small reading corner, drinking coffee-after-dinner group, sagging and mysgrupp etc. Bind the islands with carpets and silk table, swish, something has happened in the room!

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