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How to clean and polish with household chemicals

How to clean and polish with household chemicals

Wood is an all-encompassing and elegant material that can be found in any home: kitchen furniture, living room furniture or flooring ... Wood is very popular and creates a nice, cozy home.
But it is important to keep the wood in good condition. It is cracked, darkened, and broken ... What can we do? You probably have spent a lot of money on chemical products so it always shines wonderful. But we assure you there are a few simple tricks that are as effective as they are inexpensive and lead to the same result.
We invite you to discover with us today how to clean and polish wood in the simplest and cheapest way.

1. Wood polish with almond oil


Certainly you know the advantages that the almond oil has in the daily beauty care. Using this product, you can prevent wrinkles and streaks, make dry skin supple and even dry hair and split hair tips.
Did you know that almond oil is also very useful to care for materials like wood? Take care what it can do for your furniture and floors:
  • It repairs matte and cracked wood and smoothes its surface.
  • Thanks to its composition, it gives the wood a very beautiful glow.
  • It provides protection for your furniture for up to 5 days.
  • It is very suitable for not too large surfaces, for example for tables, chairs or medium sized pieces of furniture.
How to prepare a polishing agent based on almond oil?


  • 10 ml of water
  • 10 ml almond oil
  • A dry cotton cloth


  • It is important to ensure that the water is never hot, because when we mix with warm water with an essential oil, its properties can be lost.
  • The preparation is quite simple: Once you have mixed the water with the almond oil, you only have to moisten the cotton cloth in it and clean the wooden piece of furniture you want to cultivate and to shine. The oil remains on the furniture and dries by itself.

Cleaner for demanding surfaces


Sure, there is one or the other surface at your home that is difficult to get: a floor, figures or a wooden railing on your stairs. Over time they will be damaged and darkened. What can we do? You will see how easy it is to maintain this damaged wood over a long period of time.


  • 250 ml of water
  • 50 ml of white vinegar
  • A cotton cloth


  • Look for a container or small bucket to work with. You do not have to do more than mix the two ingredients and then soak the cotton cloth. This will then clean the surfaces where the wood appears dirty or dull. You'll see what a good result you can achieve.

Homemade cleaner for wooden floors

Floor Care

Do you have a wooden floor? Do you regularly spend a lot of money on products that will keep it and give it a permanent radiance? Do not hesitate to try this simple trick. You'll notice how you get to the same goal with it, without putting too much strain on your money bag.


  • 250 ml lukewarm water
  • 50 ml of white vinegar
  • 10 drops of tea tree oil


  • We have often told you about the many advantages of the tea tree. It is the best natural disinfectant you can find. It is excellent for the care of various surfaces and provides a beautiful shine. Tea tree oil is available in reform houses or pharmacies. It is inexpensive and has a wide range of applications, not only for daily cleaning , but also for beauty. You can also make an antibacterial hand gel, which is very practical.
  • For our floor cleaner we heat 250 ml of water, but only lukewarm, never hot. Then add the white vinegar and the 10 drops of tea tree oil. Again we use a cottoncloth or a mop.
  • You have two options to clean the wooden floor. The first is a bit hard, because you have to moisten the rag and then rub the entire surface with the hand. The second variant is easier. For this purpose you only use an atomizer and moisten the wood floor. Then wipe with the mop and then gradually remove the entire dirt. Within minutes you can see how the ground shines wonderfully.
  • The wood is clean and shines! And the smell is also very pleasant!
These natural cleaners are also environmentally friendly!

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