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Protect wicker furniture from drying out

For centuries, wicker furniture exudes a sense of comfort and coziness. The beautiful natural material is so versatile that it can be used in modern or classic wicker furniture. The artificial braid made of a pending tube or rattan has however quite high demands on the care. If it loses too much water, the material becomes dry and brittle. It starts to creak or break.

Various wicker furniture

What to do so that wicker furniture does not dry out?

If you have purchased new wicker furniture, you should take care of the furniture from the beginning. Already the location is an important factor to protect basket furniture from drying out.

Find the location of the wicker furniture

In order not to make the valuable basket furniture brittle at all, a simple rule has proved itself. The placement of the comfortable furniture is the decisive criterion. Placed directly in front of the heater or another heat source, such as the stove or a wall heater, rapid drying is pre-programmed. Instead of an optical highlight in the apartment, you get a creaking and broken piece of furniture - this is certainly not a sight. However, UV radiation or underfloor heating also increases the robust rattan furniture.

Regular care of basket furniture prevents drying out

As nice wicker furniture are also to be watched, who owns, for example, a sofa from a basket corpus, it will have to care again and again. This starts with the cleaning of the basket braid. For it contains dust and everyday dirt, but also body fat or lint of textiles. In this context, the first measure already begins against the drying out. Because the regular and targeted use of water for cleaning, the padding tube is already slightly moistened without absorbing too much water and then mold. The cleaning water can be mixed with some salt, which also protects the pipe from drying out quickly. Always wipe with clean water after cleaning.

Apply protection to the basket furniture

The untreated bedding tube should be impregnated every two to three months. This keeps the piece of furniture elastic, protects it against contamination and also prevents it from drying out. The trade provides numerous impregnation sprays for rattan furniture. Usually, it is a spray wax. If you prefer to use household remedies, use linseed oil or lemon oil. Apply to a soft lint-free cloth, the oil is sparingly applied to the pipe. It will move very quickly. Take an excess of oil with an additional cloth. This method has proved itself for centuries. Instead of a commercially available spray wax, bee wax can also be applied to the artificial braid. It keeps the tube supple and protects it from the dry heating air.

Protect with a varnish from dehydration

Baskets are usually made from a peddle pipe, which in turn comes from the raw material rattan. This natural material is very robust and exudes a classic beauty. You can buy the resulting wicker furniture in three different varieties: untreated, stained or lacquered. While untreated and stained pieces of furniture need more care, as they dry out more quickly, varnished wicker furniture scores with care. The varnish protects the rattan on the one hand from drying out and thus against brittle fracture, on the other hand, it prevents the absorption of too much water, which in turn could cause a mold of the tube. You can also protect untreated basket furniture with a varnish.
With a good care and the regular prevention of dehydration, the robust wicker furniture will last a long time and give plenty of pleasure. The regular impregnation not only protects the furniture but also emphasizes its natural radiance and its special optical appeal. 

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