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How to care for basket furniture?

Wicker furniture is popular furnishings. They have their permanent place not only on balconies, terraces and in winter gardens, but also as furniture of all kinds the honey-brown braid is found in living room, dining room or bedroom. Wicker furniture exudes coziness and warmth, reminiscent of a Mediterranean flair. However, since wicker furniture is made from a natural material, they need special care to ensure a long life.
Genuine wicker furniture is usually made from raw material rattan. Strictly, this is further processed in most furniture in Peddigrohr and braided by hand or a machine. Supplier for the material with the versatile use is the rattan palm. The natural product Rattan is very valuable because of its material properties and the elaborate processing. Intensive UV radiation, cold or heating air can harm the basket furniture. Quickly it becomes brittle or creaky unpleasant. Only rarely is wicker furniture made from pastures. The same care instructions are valid for both natural materials. The use in outdoor areas is rather unsuitable for basket furniture. Polyrattan, a plastic braid, has been used for several years.

Rattan furniture properly maintained

How do you clean the basket furniture correctly? Which products are suitable for this? This and more you will find on the following pages:
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Clean basket furniture regularly

Unfortunately, rattan furniture is not protected against pollution. Dust and dirt, remnants of food or lint of pillows and blankets quickly settle in the artistic meshwork. If rattan furniture is used in the outdoor area or the winter garden, plant residues or foliage and pollen dust are added. Since basket furniture consists of a braid or a composite of individual pedestal pipes, the cleaning is somewhat more difficult than with smooth plastics.

Remove dust and coarse dirt

To get the dirt and dust from the fine grooves of the braid, dry cleaning has proven to be a good thing. For this purpose, the coarse dirt is sucked out of the joints with the vacuum cleaner and the soft furniture attachment brush. Alternatively, brushes or dry, soft toothbrushes also help loosen the dirt. 
Which vacuum cleaner is the right one?

Use water sparingly

Wicker furniture made of natural material has its own requirements. The padding tube must not be too dry, but it must not be too wet. Nevertheless, it is possible without problems to wipe the braid every 8 to 12 weeks with a damp cloth, especially when painted. Stubborn stains can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and a mild soapy solution or salt solution. Always wipe with clean water. If the piece of furniture, for example, a sofa, is located directly on the heating, it can also be protected from drying out with a little water in a spray bottle. Because the natural fiber loses lots of water through the heating air and becomes brittle. The familiar creaking of the furniture is the first sign of this.

After the wet cleaning care the basket furniture

Basket furniture also has a care. It protects the padding tube from drying out or softening. Special products are available for specialist dealers. Either you impregnate your basket furniture with a spray wax or a special rattan care oil. Special varnishes for basket furniture are also available in specialist shops. Thanks to its elasticity, the varnish does not crack or crack and fulfills its protective task. As a household, people used a mixture of one liter of lukewarm water mixed with a tablespoon of turpentine and three tablespoons of linseed oil.
Wicker furniture is increasingly used by young furniture designers in modern furnishing. The flexible and modern material has exuded comfort and warmth in all epochs for centuries. If it is protected from moisture and strong heat, that is, not placed outside or directly in front of the heater, you can enjoy a rattan furniture very long. 
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