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Furniture Repair Tips

 furniture repair tips


The furniture repair tips described here can only run on solid wood. Not on chipboard finished with a decorative foil or veneer layer. If in doubt about something let us know, and maybe we can help with a furniture repair.


White circles or stains caused by condensation is formed between the resist layer, for example, by putting a hot cup of tea on the table. You can get out circles with a mixture of salad oil and salt. With a piece of kitchen towel rub the mixture along with the wood grain on the spot. A metal polish will also help out. If you're a bit handy, you can use a hair dryer to make the white hot spot and the spotlight sanding with steel wool. Always with the grain along barns otherwise you get scratches.


A small fireplace you as far as possible away scratching with a knife. After that, with the grain menschen with a steel wool. Then you can re-color the place with retouchers Tift. Is an untreated surface then rub a little furniture oil on. Is the damage  too great for simple furniture repair, then you need a cellulose lacquer in the right color to spray the surface.


Especially pine  can recover well by a simple piece of furniture repair. Use a damp cloth and iron. Pine consists of coarse cells if a dent is you can fix these cells again by steaming. You put a wet towel on the dent and then you put your hot iron on it. The moisture soaks into the wood and swells the dimpled cells eliminating the dent. If you can not at once, just repeat some times and in between treatments allow to dry thoroughly. This method also works for other types of wood. You're only a little longer than working with an external furniture repair.


Wooden drawers can over time sometimes get stuck by the movement of the wood. By rubbing with a candle in the conductors, the problem is easily solved. Optionally, the conductors can be sanded lightly with a fine abrasive paper. Even then the problem solved soon.


Say you have a shred of the table blow. With a fine abrasive paper as sand, and it is gone. When the entire border as ops chu rt light is not on the injury. Is the wood treated with lacquer or oil, then you have the table just like after treatment to see nothing more. Is too much damage, you can always use a wood filler, but you'll actually in the field of a furniture repair specialist visit.


Because sunlight can discolor your expensive furniture. But the humidity in your home affects your wooden furniture . Especially when you have central heating, humidity is often very low, which can cause cracks in the wood. Depending on the finish, you can use different products to avoid trouble. There are several products on the market as elite polish or furniture oil for lacquered furniture repairs. Or wood soap and GreenFix for unpainted furniture. In another article, I will explain it all, so you use the right product.

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