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Repairing Wood Furniture

Furniture repair you can do or have or do. Go you do the repair, it does require some skill and good tools.


In a timber repair, you need to consider several things. The most important are the finish of the furniture. Additionally, good tool here applies for the job.
To properly repair damaged wood, you need different tools, such as a melt bolt, bao spatula, scraper, chisel, etc. Often you do not have that all in the house making it cheaper to do a repair by a professional.
Would you still try yourself what you can below what repair options see.


Because a timber repair often uses should be made of spray painting just a few tips.
  • Always shake well before using an aerosol. In the aerosol are solvents and pigments. The color pigments settle and should therefore first be mixed. If you do not then you will after spraying often feels a rough layer on your work.
  • During the spraying always keep the bus in motion. Never spray in one place otherwise you always see an endorsement when it is dry. Take for example a table top: first injection even the edges, then to spray the leaves.
  • When always spraying you finish.
    Always start outside of the object with syringes and to make the object outside of the rotation to apply the next layer of lacquer.
  • Begins to splash the spray? Do not wipe the splashes! Wait until the paint is dry, you can remove the splashes.


Light scratches can easily solve with a transparent lacquer NC in the right sheen.
But with good furniture oil often also come a long way.


You can spray the stains with a special stain remover. Within half an hour dissolved the existing paint and restored. After that, as topcoats in the correct degree of gloss.
Another possibility is to rub it on the stain with the grain with furniture polish and a fine Staal Olle JE. This often gives a similar effect.
Would you rather try out some get any easier, you can always use meubelpolisch elite. This is a light polishing agent that helps recover circles and blemishes.


A scratch that crosses is not always restored the invisible grain. Depending on the severity, there are a few possibilities:
  • scratch on wells with steam (wet cloth and iron)
  • sanding and varnishing
  • Fill with wax and the existing veins by drawing possibly with a wood repair.


This is much easier to do. Cleaning, sanding and painting a base coat. After about 15 minutes of light sanding and finishing in the right color and gloss.
The scratch too deep, then filling by melting a hard wax.


The best solution for this is with a spray can dull matt (feed-free) to spray the surface. When the problem is just dull spots, then spray with proper gloss.


Thoroughly sand, tan, spray painting and finishing with proper gloss. For small damage, you can do with a paint pen or retouchers Tift in the right color.
Not all wood is easy to handle in this way. Mahogany and walnut are still more difficult.


Duties or small dents can sometimes simply welling up with a wet cloth and melt bolt. The steam effect welt the wood. The success you usually only after several repetitions. Now when you prick a few small holes in the wood, the swelling goes faster. Is there a rough spot has emerged, even sanding and update the correct gloss.


To fill small pits and holes can be used stops or hard wax.
The stop remained soft, but you can knead with your hands. Hard wax is tough and must be fused with a melting bolt. In any case, never do it with a lighter.
In first with the correct color retouchers, Tift coloring the buts or hole and then do laundry in it. You get a better effect. Removing the excess material with a spatula-Bao. The beautiful as the grain with signs and finishing in the proper gloss.


It happens you ever. The door will be open and the hardwood or chipboard flying around your ears resulting in a hole. Through the hole fixed with two components make close wood putty is the problem, and you can fix the hinge again.


When your cigarette on the wooden table falls, and you do not have it right in the eye, then there burn. Because not always be seen how deep the burn, it can be difficult to determine how to proceed. You can scrape the charred area as much as possible so you can see how deep the damage is. The easiest way is to fill up the damage with stops or hard wax. After that, reduce the grain and make the whole on color. Of course finishing in proper gloss.


For larger repairs, such as a broken corner, you can fix a lot, for example, two-component wood filler. But actually, the work of the artisan and would not start right away.
If you have any fun or useful ideas, let us know by leaving a message.

source : https://www.kijkopmeubelen.nl/meubels-repareren/meubels-repareren/

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