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What to Look for When Buying a Sofa

You want to enjoy long your new sofa. It is important to make the right choices. But where do you now consider? What to look for when buying a sofa? Read this preparatory visit us, and we will guide you in peace, the right choice of your seat.

The choice of seating comfort

In Smits, Design Center is about customization. Not only regarding fabrics but also regarding comfort. What comfort is perfect for you? If you enjoy good sink into the cushions or rather a firm seat?
foamsThe softer the structure and cover the cushions, the more you sink away in the sofa (comfort). Firm cushions make sitting down and standing up easier.
In a seat cushion of different types of foam may be used. The right combination of foam, molded foam, soft foam and foam block concerns at any point for optimal sitting experience. High-quality foam also retains at long loads its original volume. This gives noticeably more comfort.
For a backrest, the maintenance of a slightly softer upholstery in the rule rather than in front of the seat cushion. The standard specific gravity of Rolf Benz back cushion amounts to between 28 and 50 kg per m 3, in front of the seat is maintained between 35 to 80 kg per m3.
A high specific gravity of foam still has an important feature. More density = more pleasure from your sofa. The specific gravity, so it has a great influence on the durability and dimensional stability.
According to the motto "You have to sit in a sofa and not on it," is wrinkling of the coating is a characteristic feature and little deterioration. Depending on the model folds to a greater or lesser extent be strengthened. In Smits Design Center to professional advisors inform you of the vary by model. We encourage you to sit the comprehensive test.
Below the construction of the Leolux B-Flat where a sofa has to be hard, it can be hard. The hallmark of a good-quality product is the variable quality of the various foams. Together with care for all parts of the sofa. A characteristic feature of all the seats of our collection.

Hull construction B-flat

The choice of upholstery

lightfastnessNot every fabric or leather in your favorite color is also the right choice. You should also consider other factors such as load and use. The radiation from the sun through large windows requires a high light fastness of the coating. For families with children are low-maintenance and robust upholstery more appropriate than a fine, pure leather in bright colors. Therefore, it is convenient to purchase all think carefully about where your sofa will be placed and what requirements must meet your couch.
In various stringent equipment tests lightfastness (fading), rub resistance (readability color), lint behavior (pills) and abrasion resistance (wear) of tested substances. If you are looking for very strong, almost indestructible substances than are recommended synthetics. Looking for nice smooth quality with unique comfort, then woolen fabrics more suitable.
Abrasion resistance
The degree of wear-and-tear flat fibers called abrasion resistance. Some substances fall after 10,000 Orbital apart, even after another 20,000. The abrasion resistance of fabrics is expressed in Martindale.
Rub fastness
Rub Fastness determines the extent to furniture fabrics deliver color to other textiles during the rubbing. As a rule, darker colors achieve a lower abrasion resistance than light shades.
Due to the abrasion of fabrics against other materials may be on the surface of the small substance bumps, so-called pilling, genesis (wool jersey). This into small balls is formed fibers work themselves out of the fabric to the surface, but do not have any adverse effect on the shelf-life thereof. They can be removed with a special razor device. The looser and Don Sach tiger a yarn or fabric, the greater the danger pilling.
Light fastness
Dark colors change quickly through the action of light than light colors. Color fastness of textiles is indicated on a scale of 1 to 8, wherein 1 is the least, and 8 indicates the best value.
Pure wool is wool that comes exclusively from sheep and is not mixed with lesser grades. Wool is very elastic and resilient. Another major advantage is the natural stain-resistant protective layer lanolin. To maintain these benefits, you should always treat woollens particularly cautious. You may not be cleaned with cleaning chemicals or at temperatures above 40 °.

The choice of leather

The leather is a real natural product, where skin texture, insect bites and varying thickness. Learning comes in all grades. Grain leather also Vollmer named the most valuable leather. It has a very long life. This leather is made exclusively from the upper skin layers. Characteristic features are veins on the surface and the uniform thickness. This contrasts with split leather, an inferior leather quality that comes from the lower skin layers. Split leather is often printed artificially to make it look more like grain leather.
leathersLacquered leathers are distinguished by ease of use. They are more robust, easier to maintainer and fade less. Moreover, the integrity of the skin surface less visible, the leathers give a smoother image.
Comfort, characterized by a grip, softness, flexibility, and degree of breathability can be achieved by natural uncorrected and light pigmented leathers. These are the most exclusive and most expensive types because they are available only in very limited quantities.
aniline leatherAniline leather
These finest quality leather meet very few cattle hides. Less than 20% of the learning range has as uniform a grain pattern which is required for learning aniline. Natural leather, also called aniline leather is dyed in a vessel. Water-soluble dyes permeate each skin fiber and dyeing the leather by and by. The natural structure of the skin with open pores is completely preserved, like all natural features such instectenbeten and scratches from thorns. The soft, textile-like grip and excellent breathability obviously give an uncorrected leather comfort.
Any type of leather can be exposed to direct sunlight. Especially for aniline leather is good to follow this advice. Because aniline leather is only a few natural tones makes paints in this type of leather to choose only a limited number of colors.
leatherSemi-aniline leather
This type of leather (also called light lacquered leather) gets except vat very a light coating. The pores remain open, and the leather is distinguished by a uniform color. Natural features are still recognizable and also a proof of the very exclusive quality. The advantage of the pigmented paint coat is the higher light fastness and the greater ease of use as compared to pure aniline leather.
Covered leather
This doctrine applied color pigments on the skin surface. The natural characteristics of the skin remain visible but are partially hedged. The leather is less soft and supple, but easy to maintain. It is available as a rule in a large color palette. This type of leather is also known as patent leather.
Smits Design Center only involve furniture manufacturers that use the best leathers. Jori, Leolux, De Sede, Rolf Benz Montis and are known for the use of these quality hides. Split leather is not against us.
leather maintenanceAs your skin also has learning needs maintenance. Then the leather remains supple and long use. Treat your leather sofa or chair, therefore, every four to six months. To retain the premium quality of the leather. Information on the maintenance of leather comes from consultants Smits Design Center.


Our consultants follow the latest training, keep in literature and visit the international furniture fairs. In this way, we are aware of the latest techniques, materials, and trends. We have much experience in the customization of your lounge or armchair. It is the human dimension: you should always sit. But in design, the color and the fabric or leather that suits you. Only then you will feel comfortable.
Smits Design Center advises, designs, constructs.

source : http://www.smitsdesigncenter.nl/advies/waarop-moet-u-op-letten-bij-het-kopen-van-een-bank/

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